Other places – not to be missed…

1. Beaches and Islands

Holland is surrounded by the North Sea all along the west and north coast. This is great news, because it means that there are lots and lots of beaches, and the sand is excellent… 🙂

dreamstime_14332849.jpgThe five islands off the north coast are absolutely beautiful, with beaches all around them. Some of them are car free, which makes them great places for cycling. Take long walksthrough the sand dunes, bring some fishing tackle, or go shrimping on the beach. And if you’re feeling adventurous and don’t mind getting grubby – at low tide you can try mud walking across the mud flats from the mainland to the islands. Because of changing tides these walks should only be done with a proper guide, but if you’re fit and feel like a challenge….? 🙂

Windmills Zaanse Schans, © Johan Elzenga | Dreamstime.com2. Windmills

Holland wouldn’t be Holland if it didn’t have windmills. They’ve practically made the place, and you won’t get away without seeing them. Make a big effort to see some of the most beautiful ones though. The Kinderdijk near Rotterdam and the Zaanse Schans near Amsterdamare both just beautiful – lots of windmills all in a row and most of them still working, after all this time. Both have excellent websites in English with more info.