A Giant Mystery

The first hHunebed Borger 2002.JPGunters began to settle down in the Netherlands about 5000 years ago. They built tombs and burial chambers all over the country, using massive stones that had been carried down during the ice age. Age-old legends tell tall tales of giants roaming the country but the truth is, nobody really knows how these tombs were built.

The stones are huge: a single one can weigh as much as 25,000 kg. It is impossible to just lift one on top of another – so there must have been a special way of building the tombs. So how was it done? Well, nobody knows – that is the strange thing. And what’s more – no bones (large or small) have ever been found beneath them. So what were they used for? Were they really burial chambers, or were they maybe used for something completely different? It’s all a giant mystery that has never been solved.

The Dutch call these structures hunebedden and you can find them all over the north of the country. There is a great museum, built right next to the largest of the burial tombs. Have a look at their website for more information and opening times.