If you and your family have been anywhere in Europe, you’ll know that Dutch people are everywhere…. They are an international lot really and not just because you find them on every campsite.:-)

Blood Cells © Dannyphoto80 | Dreamstime.comIf you were to put a little Dutch blood under a microscope, you’d find that they are a huge big mix-up of different tribes and people, including early nomads, stone-age settlers, Romans, Barbarians, Friesians, Franks, Saxons and Vikings. Add a big dollop of Spanish blood for good measure, and you’ve probably got the perfect mix. You can imagine that with all that mixing of people over the centuries, there are a lot of stories to tell….

In My Travel Kit for Holland you can find out exactly how such a small country became so big in so many ways. And before you think that all history stuff is boring, take a look at the short list below:

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