Wild Parks

Love Animals?

There are quite a few Wildlife Parks in Holland, so you’re spoilt for choice really. I’ll give you a list of the best, and have provided links to their websites for further information.

Little Monkeys….

If you are into monkeys of any variety, visit the Apenheul in Apeldoorn. The park is home to a wide variety of monkeys and gorillas who live more or less in freedom and you too are free to walk around. 🙂


For a close-up of the ‘Big Five’ and your own version of a safari, visit the Safari Park Beekse Bergen. Buffalo, Rhino, Leopard, Lion and Elephant – they are all there and in relative freedom, in a huge big park, complete with rangers to tell you all about them.

Life’s a Zoo…

There are several excellent zoos in Holland. Amsterdam has Artis Royal Zoo, Rotterdam has Blijdorp Zoo, Arnhem has Burghers’ Zoo and Emmen Zoo in the north is also really worth a visit.

Marine Life

If you love Dolphins, the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk is a great place. It is so much more than a place where dolphins do shows. There are seals, sharks, walruses and porpoises and the park was beautifully designed to provide a great home for all the marine life.

© Annemieke WaiteKinderboerderij

Holland has so many city farms that you will find one in almost any town or village. They called them kinderboerderij – which means children’s farm. You’ll find chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, donkeys and even cows. They are always supervised but you are allowed to go in and play with the animals as long as you like. And it’s free… 🙂

Wild Rides

There are many theme parks in Holland, but just to get you started, these are the three top parks.

NL (45).JPG


The Efteling is a true fairytale park, and offers something very special to all age groups. Wander around the enchanting forests to see gorgeous displays of all the best-loved fairytales. When you’re done with this, visit the other half of the park for some spectacuar rides and brilliant fun. 4 million people visit the Efteling every year, which makes it the third most popular theme park in the whole of Europe. In 2012 the Efteling will celebrate its 60th anniversary, so get set for some fireworks… 🙂


If you’re into water and fancy making a big splash, visit Duinrell. It is Europe’s largest indoor pool and has more than 1 kilometre of slides. And then there are the rapids, the water funnels, the boats…. On the same site is also the Duinrell Amusement Park where you can try out the rollercoasters and other hair-raising rides.

Fun Forest

Just outside Amsterdam you’ll find the Amsterdam Fun Forest – a huge outdoor adventure playground in the woods, with 120 different climbing frames and 8 routes, all depending on age and ability. Climbing gear is all provided, and you’ll need it. There is also a Fun Forest near Venlo, in the south-east, both for the serious adventurer obviously…. 🙂