Great Museums

There a hundreds of great museums in Holland, and to be honest, they all have amazing websites. They can tell you much better than I could what is so great about a visit, so I will just give you some one-liners about each one we’ve always loved visiting and give you the web links to explore for yourself.

When in Amsterdam….

Here you will be spoilt for choice. If you are interested in Science and Technology, then you should visit the Nemo Centre. It’s an amazing building on the outside, and a fab hands-on science centre on the inside.

Van GoghIf you can choose yourself which art museum to visit, make a bee-line for the Rijksmuseum to see some fantastic work by all the Dutch masters of art, including Rembrandt and Vermeer. As an alternative, visit the amazing Van Gogh Museum. Both museums have special activities for young people of all ages.

No visit to Amsterdam is complete without visiting the Anne Frank House. It’s a beautiful museum, full of information and you get an opportunity to see exactly where Anne and her family were hiding during the war. For more information about Anne Frank, read what I’ve written about her on this site, or take a look at the excellent website of the Anne Frank House.

Madurodam, © Colette6 | Dreamstime.comElsewhere, in a nutshell….

To get an idea of what Holland is like – in a nutshell – visit Madurodam in Den Haag. It is a mini Holland with all its famous landmarks, towns, and buildings in miniature. It is still one of the most popular open-air museums in Holland, and all those tourists can’t be wrong really….

Dublin and Holland May 2009 551.JPGIf you are a fan of Miffy, you should visit the Dick Bruna House in Utrecht. If you’ve outgrown Miffy, but love cartoons, then there is a great cartoon museum in Groningen, which is really worth a visit.

To find out about pre-historic times in Holland and how stone-age man built those huge passage graves, visit the Hunebed Centre in Borger. There is a huge passage grave right next to the museum to explore (and climb over…).

It’s all about the sea….

Find out how Dutch life is dominated by the sea in the Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen. This is such a great place that you’ll need to spend a whole day, but you won’t mind for a minute… 🙂

For more sea-related information, the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam will give you a great day out. Not surprising to find it in Rotterdam really, given that it is the largest and busiest port in the whole world…. 🙂

Neeltje Jans Storm Barrier © Danieltaeger | Dreamstime.comHolland is always in danger of flooding, and given that 25% of the land is below sea-level it isn’t a surprise that they have been doing some serious dam-building. To get an idea of the scale of the work, spend a day visiting the Neeltje Jans Museum, a brilliant water theme park. Lots of fun activities, boat trips and visit to the storm surge barrier. You’ll come away understanding the Dutch a little better…. 🙂