Travel Planning

Our backpacking holidays are normally 5 weeks long, and have invariably covered large amounts of territory.GlacierExpress.JPG

Take the train

These days everyone is aware of climate change and we do try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.  Because of this, we try whenever possible to travel by public transport, something which is easy to arrange these days, with so much information being available online.  So far the internet has not failed, and I have always been able to find timetables and information about fares.  In many cases I have been able to book seats online and in advance, which has made the travelling itself virtually stress-free.  Much of our travel has been via train, although we have also used national and international coaches, local bus routes and ferries. Check out the links page for lots of travel information.

Where to stay?

Riga (229).jpg

Our accommodation is mostly in youth hostels, which usually offer excellent quality at a relatively low cost.  Youth Hostelling has undergone a transformation in the past decade.  Kitchens are often of excellent standard, and many of the family rooms nowadays have en-suite facilities, while in most hostels security has hugely improved with swipe cards being the norm rather than the exception.  If you have not tried hostelling, perhaps due to memories of days gone by, it is worth giving it another go!  You won’t be disappointed.  Check out my links for more information.

What to do?

Our trips always include several element of physical activity, such as cycling, hiking, canoeing or rafting.  All in all, back packing holidays can provide a really memorable family holiday, and if some or all of the travel and/or accommodation is booked in advance, your holiday will be just about enjoying each other’s company, exploring new cultures and having lots of fun in the process.

Karlstejn Castle (5).JPG

Take the long way home

Be aware that the distances across Europe can be very deceiving!  Just by looking at the map you’ll realise that Scandinavia really is huge, but that Central Europe can be crossed relatively quickly.  There are some stunning journeys to be made, especially by train, and by now we have travelled approximately 12,000 kilometres along some of Europe’s most beautiful and scenic railways, and had a huge amount of fun along the way.  Why not have a look at my travel stories to get a first glimpse.

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