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Croatia Re-visited

‘To remember the importance of great friendships and make time for each other’.  That was the promise we made nearly five years ago as we gathered in Zagreb to mourn the unexpected loss of the dearest of friends. Last weekend we honoured that good intention with all the warmth, love and fun that typified our Ana […]

Croatian Treasures

I recently read somewhere that if a place is worth visiting, you should be able to list at least ten things you can do while you are there. Hmmm…. Interesting thought.  Let’s give it a go. Let’s assume you’re planning your first ever trip to Croatia. You’ve bought your plane tickets, your kids are excited […]

Coast to Coast

I have to admit it: I don’t much like beaches. The thought of sand sticking to my skin is not very appealing, and I really dislike not knowing what is underneath my feet when I walk into the sea… Of course none of this makes any sense to my kids, who love nothing better than […]