Switzerland – a touch of class

The Glacier Express across the Swiss Alps is one of Europe’s most beautiful train journeys and an unforgettable experience.  The same is true for seeing the sunrise over the Matterhorn in Zermatt. And then there’s Bern, and Geneva and so many more places to explore…. 🙂

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GlacierExpress.JPGGlacierExpress (6).jpgZermatt (7).JPG

Zermatt (11).jpgButterflies3.JPGZermatt (39).JPG

Flowers15.JPGZermatt (26).JPGZermatt (80).JPG

Zermatt (62).JPGBern (34).JPGBern (11).JPG

Geneva (17).JPGGeneva (36).JPGZermatt (91).JPG