Sweden North to South

We travelled from Gallivare in the north of Sweden straight down the middle on a wonderful old train called the Inlandsbanan – a railway rescued by train enthusiasts which has now been transformed into a major tourist attraction.  It’s a very long way down, but you can stop off at lots of points to enjoy not just the Swedish culture, but also that of the Sami people.  It’s a great journey to make.

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Stockholm Old town (6).JPGStockholm Vasa.JPGStockholm Skansen Church.JPG

Stockholm Skansen Green Roof2.JPGStockholm Skansen Views.JPGStockholm Skansen bears6.JPG

Stockholm Someone arrives (1).JPGStockholm Skansen5.JPGArctic Circle.JPG

Inlandsbananen - boarding.JPGStockholm Skansen Maypole2.JPGInlandsbanan train on troll bridge.JPG

Stockholm Skansen interior.JPGOstersund Jamtli 1 (3).JPGOstersund Jamtli.JPG