Spain’s best-kept secrets

In need of some serious relaxation, we spent some time hiding say in beautiful Andalusia, where we visited both Alhama de Granada and the region surrounding the amazing white village of Comares.  Thankfully, both places are off the beaten track and not close enough to the beach resorts to attract large numbers of tourists.  If you are interested in gaining a genuine Spanish experience, you could do no better than visit either of these two places. Success guaranteed!  Below are just some of the images that bring smiles to our faces, although to do these small towns real justice, I should and could have included many more photos.  Hopefully these will get you daydreaming and travel planning…. 🙂  Click on the images to enlarge them.

Alhama de GranadaThe road to AlhamaSunset over Alhama's hills

Derilict flour mills in Alhama's gorgeWildflowers in Alhama's gorgeDerilict flour mills in Alhama's gorge

Wildflowers in Alhama's gorgeAlhama's town centreTinto de Verano

Views over ComaresSunset over Comares hillsComares Feria July 2012

Finca lo MartinFlowers in Finca lo Martin  Finca lo Martin courtyard