On our grand tour of Central Europe, we travelled from Hungary into the eastern part of Slovakia, where our first stop was Kosice. ┬áHaving been on the cross roads of trade routes across Europe for centuries, Kosice is a gorgeous and very relaxing place, where you really do slow down to enjoy life. We then travelled along the Carpathian Mountains to Bratislava and onwards to Austria. A great journey….

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Kosice (20).JPGKosice (11).JPGBratislava (4).JPG

Bratislava (41).JPGBratislava (17).JPGBratislava (19).JPG

Bratislava (27).JPGBratislava (31).JPGBratislava (36).JPG

Bratislava (33).JPGBratislava (18).JPGBratislava (7).JPG