Finland’s Finest

We loved travelling around Finland, and the overnight sleeper train from Tampere to Rovaniemi is one of the most exciting train journeys we have ever made.  If you like these photos, check out the My Travel Kit for Finland or use the search button will get you plenty of references.

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Viking Line to Turku.JPGTurku Castle.JPGTurku Castle5.JPG

Moomin.JPGTurku Mannersheim Church.JPGTurku Kustavi fishing2.JPG

Sleeper Train Finland to Rovaniemi.JPGSleeper Train Finland cabin 1.JPGRovaniemi Arktikum3.JPG

Rovaniemi Female reindeer.JPGRovaniemi Husky1.JPGrovaniemi Boat Trip2.jpg

Rovaniemi Boat Trip5.jpgTurku Kustavi all.jpgTurku Luo-14.JPG