About me

Born in Hong Kong, I travelled as a young child with my parents, visiting Rio de Janeiro and most of the African coast. I lived in South Africa, the Netherlands and Ireland, where I completed my education. In 1989 I settled down in the UK to be with my husband Tim.

From a very early age, our three children were confronted with other cultures as we became a host family for international students, which was a wonderful enrichment to our lives.

Passion for TravelPrague (11).JPG

As Head of the European Office at the University of Bristol I had the unique opportunity to travel and work extensively all over Europe for a period of 20 years. Our continued passion for Europe resulted in an ambitious plan for long back packing holidays. By now we have explored no less than 14 EU countries, and have paid smaller visits to several more. Our travels have taken us from the Arctic Circle through Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Poland, Central Europe and into the Balkans. Further holidays are being planned and will take us further south and east. For an overview of some of our experiences and photos of our big treks, please check ‘destinations’‘travel gallery’ and photo album

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I have been involved in education for most of my life, one way or another.  In 1992 I qualified and taught part-time as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language (EFL).  More recently, I was closely involved in the successful lobby for a new secondary school in our local community which culminated in the building of Redland Green School. I have been chair of governors at the school since 2005 and work part-time as a consultant governor for Bristol City Council, helping schools to improve educational outcomes for their pupils.

My Travel Kits

Most importantly, my continued love for travel and passion for all things European finally culminated in writing for children about travel in Europe.  A series of ‘Travel Kits’ for children (9 — teens) is currently under development.  For more information about the series, please follow the links to My Travelkit, Testimonials and samples of some of the books.