Food for fun…

Cheese Market Alkmaar

Sweet Tooth?

There are many other types of food you should try while you are in the Netherlands. The Dutch are famous for their pancakes for instance, but almost as popular are the mini puffy pancakes called poffertjes. If you are lucky enough to visiting a fun fair, you’ll be able to eat poffertjes, pancakes and oliebollen – a type of round doughnut, smothered in a fine powder sugar.

BitterballenSomething more meaty…

Before you think that all Dutch food is sweet – try some meat croquettes, or better still, make sure you eat some ‘bitter balls’. Doesn’t sound very appealing if you translate it into English – I know – but believe me, you can easily get hooked on these yummy deep-fried meat bites dipped in mustard.

Herring Anyone?

If you’re feeling really brave, why not try your hand at eating raw herring…. 🙂 The herring comes covered with chopped raw onion, and one thing is for sure: you will either love it or hate it!  To eat herring the Dutch way, just grab it by its tail, drop the fish into the back of your throat, chew and swallow. No trouble… 🙂

ChocomelFruit or Chocolate?

Without a doubt most young people in the Netherlands just love Chocomel, a delicious chocolate drink, which you can drink either icecold or hot with loads of cream of course. Another favourite is Fristi, a fruity yoghurt drink that comes in lots of flavours. Try both at least once if you can.

Photographs of the Bitterballen and Chocomel by Michiel Jelijs 🙂