My Travel Kit

IMG_8993.jpgComprehensive travel guides written especially for young people aged 9 – teens and including the following:

  • An introduction to the target country covering the history, geography, environment, language, culture, art, traditions, folklore and folk tales
  • An A-Z guide of kids’ favourite things to see and do
  • A full travel diary with space for writing, drawing and collecting essentials for scrap books
  • A games section including quizzes, word searches, picture quizzes, crosswords and other challenges, which refer back to the main body of the travel guide.

The games and activities were good fun and helped to pass away the time on the trip…. – R.B., aged 14

The Travel Kits have been produced in close collaboration with local academic experts to ensure quality of content. In addition they have been trialled by focus groups travelling to the target countries. Comments from experts and focus groups can be found on the testimonials page and around the web site.

I am currently working with Katherine Lau, a freelance editor based in New York, in order to prepare this series for publication. To get a better idea of the scope of the material, please visit the books pages. If you are interested in discussing publication with me, or for further information, please contact me via the ‘contacts’ page.