AnnemiekeAnnemieke Waite is a freelance travel writer specialising in writing for children and young people.  Dutch by origin, she has now lived in the UK for more than 20 years. Throughout this period, her international work has enabled her to travel extensively throughout ‘old’ and ‘new’ Europe, as well as its border regions, including the Balkans.  For more background information about Annemieke, please visit ‘About Me’

IMG_8991.jpgMy Travel Kit

Passionate about all thing European, Annemieke’s travel guides for young people aim to introduce them to Europe’s rich culture, history, folklore, customs and traditions.  Annemieke’s guides fill a genuine gap in a publishing market where travel guides are almost exclusively written for adults.

By contrast, Annemieke’s Travel Kits are specifically written for young people themselves.  The Travel Kits provide a fun and comprehensive introduction to a wide range of European countries. Their fresh look and extensive use of images and cartoons make them entertaining for young and old, and a useful source of information.  Compact and practical, they include a full travel diary, storage room for tickets and other prize possessions, quiz questions and other games, which makes them the ideal travel companion for any young person.  Further information can be found on the Travel Kit page or contact Annemieke with further questions.

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